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Aggressive trucking accident attorneys in Jamaica, Queens assist victims

Whether you’re in a car, on a bicycle or walking on the street, being struck by a large truck is a terrifying and possibly deadly experience. The lawyers at Aguwa & Metu, P.C. in Jamaica, Queens are experienced personal injury and wrongful death litigators who represent victims in truck accident cases. In situations involving bone fractures, back pain and more serious types of harm such as brain injury, disfigurement and paralysis, we are tenacious advocates fighting to get you payment for medical bills, lost income and the pain and suffering you’ve endured. 

Thorough advocates pursue payment for Queens trucking accident injuries

Large trucks can cause devastating damage anywhere, but in the New York City area, there are special concerns. Heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, tight turns on tight city streets where the view is obstructed, and seemingly endless distractions demand that drivers and others responsible for truck safety take proper care. When this does not happen, our determined personal injury attorneys take on those who have harmed others in collisions caused by such factors as: 

  • Mechanical defects — We have the knowledge and experience to bring actions against the makers of vehicles and parts whose defects lea to a truck crash. In certain instances, more than one defendant will bear legal responsibility for an equipment problem. Our firm goes after every liable party.
  • Poor truck maintenance — Vehicle owners, mechanics and drivers should all make safety their first priority. If critical maintenance was not performed, we’ll determine if the problem is linked to the injury you’ve suffered. 
  • Unlicensed or untrained drivers — For good reason, commercial vehicle operators must go through extensive training and qualify for a special license. Unfortunately, the people in charge sometimes cut corners and don’t use qualified personnel. 

Cases related to truck accidents often involve large businesses and insurance companies that try to delay the justice that victims receive or get away with an inadequate settlement. We give you the information and strong support you need to obtain full compensation in court or at the negotiation table.

What parties might be responsible for a truck accident?

Unlike passenger vehicles that are almost always being driven by their owner or a family member, many different individuals and businesses could affect the operation of a large truck. In addition to investigating the actions of the truck driver, we examine the actions of fleet owners, maintenance companies and even businesses that hire commercial vehicles involved in a crash. Moreover, the size and complex nature of a truck presents a greater risk of a manufacturing defect or faulty part triggering a serious collision. 

What rules apply to truck operation, and how might they affect my claim?

Due to the danger that large commercial vehicles pose, various regulations apply to their operation. In some situations, violations of rules relating to issues such as speed, training, driver rest and load weight could be directly responsible for a serious or deadly accident. Part of our firm’s review in truck accident cases involves determining if safety rules were broken and, possibly, reviewing information that is stored concerning vehicle use and condition. 

How is long-term harm compensated after someone has been hit by a truck?

The force delivered by a tractor-trailer or some other type of big-rig can cause a life-changing injury.  When the harm associated with a truck accident is likely to extend long after the litigation is completed, your lawyer evaluates potential damages, relying on medical evidence and expert testimony when necessary. In addition to direct medical costs, items that could be compensable include rehabilitation expenses, job retraining, in-home or external nursing care, prosthetics and home modifications necessitated by your condition. 

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