Jamaica, Queens Premises Liability Lawyers Take on Negligent Property Owners

New Yorkers rely on slip and fall injury attorneys in Jamaica, Queens

Property owners and managers who fail to safeguard the people who lawfully use their premises face legal liability when those failures result in an injury. Aguwa & Metu, P.C. in Jamaica, Queens advocates on behalf of plaintiffs throughout New York City and Nassau County who are looking to collect payment against negligent defendants in premises liability actions. Whether the specific claim is prompted by a fall on an unsafe surface, inappropriate security or a broken elevator, our attorneys are seasoned litigators who work tirelessly to help clients collect payment for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages available under state law. 

Aggressive firm represents victims of Queens slip and fall accidents

Our firm represents New Yorkers in a wide array of premises liability matters such as lawsuits that arise from:

  • Slip and fall claims — A wet supermarket floor, cracked pavement and other hazards create the risk of a serious slip and fall accident if they are not dealt with promptly. By reviewing relevant records, interviewing witnesses and evaluating medical evidence, we construct the strongest arguments possible in these cases.  
  • Building and construction accidents — In cases involving building and construction accidents, including full-scale collapses and incidents where objects fall from above and hit someone, we pursue damages from whoever is to blame for your injury.  
  • Elevator and escalator failures — Many of New York’s elevators and escalators are old, and service requirements might be delayed or ignored to save money. When a person is harmed because an elevator or escalator did not work as it should have, our firm examines the actions of property owners, maintenance firms and manufacturers to find where the legal responsibility lies. 

You might be pressured by a defendant or one of their representatives to settle quickly without consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer. This could be costly, as only a litigator with knowledge in this field can accurately assess what type of financial recovery you might be entitled to.

Experienced advocates handle injury cases stemming from poor security 

Business and individuals have a duty to keep areas they control safe for their guests. Whether it’s a concert venue, club, parking lot or anywhere else, property owners and managers need to anticipate foreseeable risks and take appropriate measures. If you’ve been injured due to poor lighting, inadequate crowd control or a failure to provide the proper security personnel to prevent criminal behavior, our firm fights to ensure that those who did not take necessary steps to maintain security are held to account.

Skillful litigators pursue relief from careless pet owners in dog bite cases

Someone who has a dangerous pet or who fails to take proper measures to prevent an attack might be responsible for a victim’s medical expenses and other damages. In dog bite cases, an owner is legally liable if they knew or should have known that their dog had a propensity toward dangerous behavior. This can be shown by referencing a previous attack or highlighting aspects of their breeding or training. Otherwise, a plaintiff can recover damages by demonstrating that the pet owner was negligent. We take dog bite cases seriously and vigorously pursue reimbursement from defendants. 

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Aguwa & Metu, P.C. advises victims of slip and fall accidents as well as other New York premises liability plaintiffs on litigation to recover compensation for their injuries. We are located in Jamaica, Queens and offer a free initial consultation. Please call 718-739-4444 or contact us online to schedule a meeting. Our lawyers also see clients in Manhattan by appointment.