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Auto accident attorneys in Jamaica, Queens pursue justice for crash victims

Throughout the five boroughs and Nassau County, Aguwa & Metu, P.C. provides aggressive, knowledgeable counsel to individuals injured in car accidents. From our office in Jamaica, Queens, we have won substantial awards for people who have been hit by a vehicle while driving, riding or walking. Having served clients within the region for more than 20 years, we know how to win these cases and assess the true value of specific claims, so we won’t let you be bullied into accepting a weak settlement offer. 

Skillful firm handles Queens car accidents and collisions throughout New York City

For every case, our seasoned personal injury lawyers prepare a thorough argument that spells out how the defendant is legally responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. Common causes of accidents in this area include:

  • Distractions — Smartphones and other distractions can break a driver’s concentration while traveling on New York City’s busy streets and highways. Distractions are frequently a factor in pedestrian-related accidents because it’s harder to see a person than a vehicle when a driver is not fully focused on the road.   
  • Alcohol or drug impairment — People often don’t realize the effect that alcohol or drugs have on their ability to safely operate a vehicle. Even if an at-fault driver wasn’t arrested, we might be able to locate facts to show he or she was impaired.
  • Speeding — In car crash cases, our attorneys analyze the relevant data in detail. When evidence of speeding exists, we strive to show how this unlawful behavior caused the accident at issue. 

To maximize the likelihood of a favorable settlement or verdict, it’s critical to make a compelling case that details the physical harm suffered by the crash victim. No matter how complex your medical condition might be, we’ll provide authoritative evidence, which can include expert testimony on traumatic brain injuries, permanent disabilities and other serious conditions.  

How do I collect payment under New York’s no-fault auto insurance law?

Because New York is a no-fault insurance state, many New York auto accident claims are handled by the victim’s own carrier regardless of who was to blame for the crash. However, if an injury is considered “serious” as defined by state law, you can seek damages from the at-fault driver and their insurer. Conditions that qualify include bone fractures, significant disfigurements and problems that trigger full disability for at least 90 days. Whether you’re pursuing relief from your insurance company or the negligent motorist who hit you, we will fight for your rights. 

What steps should I take after I’ve been in a car accident?

Everyone’s first priority after a vehicle collision should be to obtain medical attention for anyone who is hurt. Even if there are no injuries, contact the police so they can assess the scene and create a report. If no one is in danger, start gathering facts by taking photos and getting the contact information of potential parties and bystanders. It’s best to retain the assistance of a qualified injury lawyer quickly to protect your rights and create a detailed narrative of what occurred before evidence and witnesses become hard to track.

What types of damages are available in a vehicle injury lawsuit? 

You can pursue several types of damages under state law. These might be awarded in a trial or form the basis for settlement negotiations. Plaintiffs are able to collect reimbursement for medical expenses, including projected future healthcare costs, as well as income lost due to the collision injury. You may also be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering you’ve endured, the loss of enjoyment of life attributable to the accident and permanent limitation or disfigurement.  

How long do I have to file an auto accident lawsuit?  

New York’s statute of limitations gives victims three years from the date of a car accident to file a lawsuit. However, waiting until the clock is close to running out means you’ll have to wait longer to secure your recovery and might harm your ability to make the strongest possible case. 

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