Jamaica, Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fight for Patients Who’ve Been Harmed

Accomplished New York City firm takes on negligent healthcare providers

New Yorkers put their lives in the hands of the doctors and other healthcare professionals who treat them. This profound responsibility requires physicians, nurses and hospitals to honor the standards of care that have been established within their particular field. Tragically, these medical providers sometimes fall short and end up harming the patients they were supposed to help. Serving clients in all of New York City’s five boroughs and Nassau County, Aguwa & Metu, P.C. has delivered tough, smart legal representation to medical malpractice victims for more than two decades. We know how difficult these cases can seem, especially when the victim is not aware of what exactly occurred. Using experts to detail the required procedures and determine where mistakes were made, our firm gives clients the ability to get legal relief from negligent medical providers. 

Queens medical malpractice attorneys handle claims of treatment errors

A legal recovery for plaintiffs who have proven a medical malpractice claim can include compensation for medical rehabilitation costs, payment to address pain and suffering and even, in some cases, punitive damages. These costs can be extensive, which is why healthcare professionals, along with their lawyers and insurance companies, often fight these claims vigorously. To even the odds, you need an attorney who isn’t intimidated and who has a track record of obtaining substantial verdicts and settlements in medical malpractice cases, such as those stemming from:

  • Surgical errors — When you’ve been hurt due to a surgical error, it can seem impossible to piece together what occurred in the operating room. Through diligent investigation, our lawyers put together a narrative to identify exactly what led to your injury. 
  • Misdiagnosis — If a doctor fails to make a timely diagnosis or comes to the wrong conclusion once symptoms are present, a patient might not be able to combat their condition effectively. We strive to show how the outcome would have been better had the doctor given the right diagnosis in a prompt manner. 
  • Prescription mistakes — Pharmaceuticals are complex substances, and mistakes regarding dosage, side effects or the interaction between drugs could be extremely dangerous. 
  • Negligent hospital care — We take on hospitals and other medical facilities when someone is afflicted with an injury or illness because their condition was not monitored properly or because they were mistreated. 

In most New York medical malpractice cases, you have two-and-one-half years from the incident to initiate litigation. However, exceptions can be made in situations such as missed cancer diagnoses where the victim might not have been aware of the harm until much later. If you have questions, our accomplished personal injury lawyers will evaluate the circumstances in your case and assess the likelihood of a successful legal result.    

Knowledgeable advocates advise on cases involving birth injuries 

During the childbirth process, infants and their mothers are extremely vulnerable. One mistake by an obstetric doctor or nurse could have lifelong consequences for the child and their parents. If your child suffers from cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, a brachial plexus injury or some other condition that could have been avoidable given proper treatment, our firm offers comprehensive counsel. If a link to medical malpractice exists, we’ll seek compensation that not only covers the costs that have already accumulated but expenses associated with the long-term effects of birth injuries. 

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