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What is in a name? iPhone, RocaWear, Lakers and many more are all uber American brand names from the technology, fashion, music and sports industries.

Their owners all recognize that strong name recognition results in larger market share and use the vehicle of trademark protection to achieve great market share. So if you are building a name, image or likeness for yourself or your business, we will gladly work you through the process of securing and protecting your trademarks.  

An individual or entity’s trade or business name, brand, symbol, logo, audio and visual devices are highly valuable assets. Our trademark attorneys recognize that advances on the web and social medial sharing increasingly compromise creative rights and content. Our name trademark attorneys work very aggressively to ensure that your ideas, name trademarks, logos, proprietary and confidential material are secured, protected and enforced.

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Trademarks defined

Is a name, symbol, device, logo or a combination thereof that indicates the source of a good or service in the market place.

Do a search

We always recommend a search prior to starting the registration process.  This is to avoid what the law terms “the likelihood of confusion” by infringing on an already registered mark.

Filing for a trademark

If a search comes back negative or “clear” we can commence one of two types of federal registration with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. One is a “use” application if the name is already being used for goods and/or services in commerce.  The other is an “intent to use” which simply put “reserves” a name prior to actual use.


After the filing of a mark, the trademark office conducts their own in house search for conflicting marks.  If any objections exist, they will notify us and amendments will be promptly submitted.

If there are no objections found with the filing, the applications will be published for opposition for 30 days by anyone who thinks its registration will infringe on their mark. If there is no opposition, a use application can proceed to registration, while the trademark office will issue a “notice of allowance” for an intent to use application.  This notice will allow us to allege actual use and proceed with registration or request an extension of time.  Note that there are also state based registrations and even foreign registrations which one of our attorneys will be happy to explain in detail.

Contact a trademark lawyer today

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