Jamaica, Queens Bicycle Accident Lawyers Aid Riders Struck by Motor Vehicles

Determined cycling accident attorneys in Jamaica, Queens fight for victims

New York City has installed miles of new bike lanes and adopted the Vision Zero campaign to give cyclists the ability to travel on city streets safely. Good driving habits can’t be legislated, however, and negligent motorists continue to strike bike riders who lack any protection beyond a helmet. Whether you were hurt on your own bike or while using a share such as Citi Bike, Aguwa & Metu, P.C. in Jamaica, Queens works tirelessly to achieve the financial compensation you seek to pay your doctor’s bills, replace wages that you’ve lost and cope with the pain you’ve experienced. 

New York City firm takes on cases involving all types of bike accidents

Our proven New York personal injury attorneys deliver exceptional advice, advocacy and service to clients who have been hurt when their bicycle was hit by a car or truck. We are familiar with the common types of accidents that injure cyclists, such as:

  • Corner and road-entry collisions — Cars turning a corner or entering the street from a parking lot or driveway should always be on the lookout for bicycles or pedestrians on the street they are entering. Unfortunately, accidents happen because motor vehicle operators aren’t properly focused. 
  • Sideswipes — Drivers who fail to acknowledge that someone could be in their blind spot and move laterally because they are not aware that a bicycle is present cause potentially serious sideswipe accidents. 
  • Contact with opening doors — Cyclists are at risk of slamming into a car door if a driver or passenger opens and extends it without checking to see if someone is coming. 
  • Rear-end accidents — It seems obvious that bicycles do not move as rapidly as cars, but inattentive motorists might not realize it in time and strike the rear of a bicycle traveling in front of them as they approach a stop sign or red light. 

We’ve built a strong reputation across the five boroughs and Nassau County for providing valuable assistance that helps victims of negligence get the legal relief they need to move forward after a bicycle accident or some other type of injury. 

Does the driver’s insurance policy cover my injuries?

When two cars crash, the auto insurance policy of each driver typically covers the expenses associated with their own injuries. Bicyclists usually don’t have this type of coverage, so the driver’s auto insurer should be responsible for reimbursing riders who have been struck. However, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and might look to delay payment or try to force a victim into a settlement that is not sufficient to address the harm. Having a determined attorney on your side can level the playing field. 

Can I get relief if a dangerous condition on the street contributed to my crash?

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to dangerous street conditions. A double-parked car, a damaged roadway or a traffic light that isn’t operating correctly could trigger a life-changing accident. In these situations, the city or other parties who weren’t directly involved in the collision might bear some fault for your injuries. When litigating bicycle accident cases, our firm looks at every individual and entity potentially liable for damages. 

How is fault decided if the driver claims that I’m to blame for the collision?

After a collision, there are often vastly different stories about what precipitated the crash. Even now, many drivers aren’t used to sharing the road with bicycles and might claim that the rider was acting erratically. When accounts diverge, it is especially important to act quickly and retain a lawyer who is used to investigating crash scenes, interviewing witnesses and consulting with experts who can assess evidence to reconstruct what occurred. 

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Aguwa & Metu, P.C. assists bicycle accident victims throughout the five boroughs and Nassau County. If you or someone close to you has been struck by a motor vehicle while cycling, please call 718-739-4444 or contact us online for a free consultation at our Jamaica, Queens office. We schedule appointments in Lower Manhattan by appointment only.