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  • Insurance companies can no longer hide coverage from you !!

Insurance companies can no longer hide coverage from you !!

It can often prove difficult to confirm how much insurance is available to compensate claimants in civil cases, including negligence victims in premises, airplane, automobile accidents or even medical negligence cases.  This is because the Insurance carriers go to great lengths to limit or even hide the existence of coverage, intended to compensate claimants in the first place.

To combat this menace, Gov. Kathy Hochul on December 31, 2021, signed the New York State Comprehensive Disclosure Act into law.

This law has been long coming, and is aimed at stopping false and in some cases blatant refusal to disclose insurance coverage to persons making civil claims. In summary, the amended C.P.L.R. 3101(f)(2) gives defendants 60 days after they answer your complaint, to disclose and certify their insurance information to you the claimant or your attorney. 

Kudos to Gov. Hochul and the legislature for this long awaited amendment.   This will only help to insure that parties with proven claims are fully and fairly compensated for damages, pain or suffering sustained at the hands of a negligent defendant.